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Study after study after study on penis size has returned average lengths of 5-6 inches. But every guy you meet says he's got 7 inches in his pants, and it seems like every girl is saying you must be 8 inches or more to ride. You're struggling to square this circle of scientific data saying one thing and your supposed reality saying another… is it possible that there's a conspiracy amongst scientists to put out numbers that are lower than the actual average in order to make men feel better about their size?

No. There is no dick size statistics conspiracy. Here's why:

Science is only interested in fact, not feelings

The simple truth is that scientists that study human anatomy aren't interested in making you feel better about yourself. All they care about is the scientific truth. All scientists care about truth. It's built right into the word "science", derived from the Latin word scientia, which means "knowledge". Science is rigorous, fact-based, and repeatable. And sometimes science surprises us with data that challenges our preconceptions, leading to wholesale reevaluations of entire fields of study.

Human anatomy has been a subject of study for centuries, and reliable studies of penis size over the past few decades have all revealed two fundamental truths: the average penis size is around 5.5 inches and the bell curve is very narrow around that average, leading to large dicks being incredibly rare.

When these size studies use similar criteria and measurement processes they yield remarkably similar results, regardless of when the data was collected or where. Like all conspiracies about publicly available data, the thought that all of science is colluding to generate and publish false data falls apart when you realize how that literally every single person involved would have to keep their mouths shut, and yet nobody involved has spoken out about it. And this isn't some high stakes global domination conspiracy like faking the moon landing where government agents will swoop in and silence those that break the secrecy — this is just dick size. The Earth is round. Humans landed on the moon in 1969. The average penis is 5.5 inches long.

Other conspiracy theories at least have a motivation behind them. Claim supremacy over the USSR in the space race, hide the existence of aliens so the government can use their technology unchallenged, take out world leaders to prevent them from upsetting the status quo. What would be the motivation behind a long-lasting global conspiracy to produce smaller-than-reality penis size statistics? To make you feel better about yourself? If anything you'd think such a conspiracy would want to raise the numbers released to make you feel like you have no choice but to spend tons of money for a large penis.

Condom makers have to know the truth

If there's anybody that knows the truth and abides by it, it's condom manufacturers. They have to sell condoms to fit the average man, or else they won't fit and they'll fall right off. Obviously that would not be ideal. "But regular condoms are like 7 inches!" you say. Yes, yes they are. Because the condom makers want to cover as many men as possible with a single size, so they make them longer than necessary and design them to work properly when not fully unrolled so they can fit a wide range of lengths. Trojan says as much in their sizing guide:

A penis length longer than 7” may need an XL condom to ensure the condom can unroll fully to the base of the penis.

That's right, Trojan, makers of the popularly conceived as large, but not that big Magnum condom range, says that a 7-inch dick should look at not their regular or even their large condoms, but extra large.

MyOne, makers of custom length and girth condoms says plainly on their own help page that regular size condoms are too long for most men:

On the smaller side, the minimum [condom] length used to be set at 170 mm, or 6.69 inches. But the average penis size is about 5.5 inches! That’s why myONE lengths start at 125 mm (4.92 inches). For bigger guys, we have condoms as long as 9.37 inches (238 mm). Condom widths used to range only from 47 mm to 57 mm (1.85 to 2.24 inches). MyONE expands that range to 45-64 mm (1.77 to 2.52 inches).

Popular condom manufacturer Durex explains in their own sizing guide that their "standard" size condoms have a 52mm nominal width, while their "XL" range goes up to 57mm — that's for a roughly 5-inch girth. Need wider? They'll will sell you a 64mm Durex XXL condom to fit the truly large.

Condom makers have a vested interest in properly fitting condoms. Their reputation and your personal health is on the line. There is zero benefit for them in lying about sizes; they just want to sell you a condom that fits so you can have sex safe from pregnancy and disease.

Condom Size Calculator

But that's not what my friends/porn/music says

Here's the thing about your friends: they're probably lying about their penis size because popular media and the "girl inches" dick size phenomenon has made them feel insecure about their own close-to-average size. There's a chance that they could be big, but all of them? Highly unlikely.

Over the past decade porn has leaned into big dicks for a few reasons: they're titillating, they sell, and they're easier to film. We humans are naturally fascinated by the unusual, and big dicks are certainly that (as any well-endowed man with locker room experience can tell you. Big dicks in pornography simply sell better, so they're going to produce more films with them. On top of that, big dicks are simply easier to capture on camera, as it provides more opportunities for the dick to actually be visible when engaged in fucking. Often those positions that are popular in porn are not the best sex positions for use with a large penis.

The whole "bigger is better" culture plays a huge role in men's size insecurity as well. They're convinced that bigger is always better for everything — cars, houses, biceps, cocks, and so on. It's not. Never has been, never will be. Bigger is just different, as any size of any thing having a big penis comes with its pros and cons.

Penis size statistics aren't lies

All of this boils down to one simple reality: the average penis size statistics are reality. There's zero statistical evidence or valid reason for a conspiracy to produce fake data. Cultural norms don't always line up with scientific reality and human desires — a 2020 survey showed that two-thirds of Americans think the government should do more to fight scientifically recognized climate change, but at the same time the huge Ford F-150 pickup truck is still the best-selling vehicle in America. Humans are weird creatures of cognitive dissonance.

Tens of thousands of penises have been measured for science, and the numbers keep coming back the same. It doesn't matter what Cardi B raps, it doesn't matter what you're seeing in porn, it doesn't matter what your mates claim. Science only cares about fact.