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Statistically, there odds that you have a penis at least 7 inches long are roughly 1-in-50. The odds that you and a group of four other friends all have dicks at least that long are 1-in-300 million. The statistics all say that around 5.5 inches is the average penis length, yet it seems like almost every guy you ask is saying he has 7 inches or more. So what gives? They're lying.

This is the fundamental truth behind the "girl inches" misperception of penis size: it's driven by the lies of men.

Scientists have measured tens of thousands of penises, and they always land in the range of 5-6 inches for their average length, with significantly below and above average cocks being extremely rare. That scientific fact runs right up against the popular culture of "bigger is better", where men feel like they need to have a bigger dick to have any chance of scoring a date.

All it takes is one guy saying they have 7 inches to start the chain of insecure lies. Maybe he's lying, maybe he actually is that big; it doesn't matter, he's already planted the seeds of insecurity in every other guy. So they add an inch or two to the size they publicly claim, aiming for a number that seems "right" without being preposterous, and not so far off their actual size that the girl they're with may believe the lie when they finally see the close-to-average penis.

And then you add porn into the mix, which even further amplifies the size lying, claiming 10 or 11 inches when the porn star's dick is closer to 7. Far too many men just straight to believe the lies of porn, not realizing that it's all scripted, it's all an act, and it's all fiction.

Science is not engaged in some grand conspiracy to delude us about penis size. There's no coordinated effort to produce lower numbers in these size studies to make men feel better about themselves. Science doesn't work like that — all it cares about is the objective truth. You can see it in condom sizing, which is a matter of health safety and government regulation, and almost every condom on store shelves is designed to fit well on the average-sized dicks that the vast majority of men possess.

So is it possible that every one of your friends has a penis in the top 5%? Sure, but odds are astronomical of such a coincidence. The truth is that they're more than likely all echoing the same insecure lie.