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Trojan's Magnum condoms have a reputation for being big condoms for big dicks. The gold wrapper is synonymous with huge cock. But that reputation? It's not well earned. Magnums aren't for big dicks at all, especially not these days when there are much better options.

Magnum Condom wrappers

There are two main things to know about Magnum condoms:

  1. They date from a time when truly large condoms were not allowed in the American market.
  2. Magnums are no wider at their base than a regular size condom, though they balloon out to a baseball-bat shape further up the shaft.

Condoms are measured by their nominal width, which is where the condom is fully unrolled and then laid flat like a deflated balloon, then measured across that width at the opening. A typical "regular" size condom made for a typical 4.5-inch-girth dick has a nominal width of 52mm.

So what size are Magnums? The standard Magnum has a nominal width of 55mm, while the Magnum XL condoms have a nominal width of 58mm. That's right, at the opening, where most of the pressure is going to be on any dick, Magnums aren't appreciably bigger than a regular condom.

Length-wise, neither Magnum nor Magnum XL (7.9 inches) is substantially longer than the regular size competition (7-7.5 inches). The biggest difference with Magnums is in their shape, and it's best described as a baseball bat: narrower at the base and wider towards the end. Magnums flare out as they go, with the standard Magnum reaching 62mm nominal width at the head, and Magnum XL expanding to 64mm.

The problem is that they're still the size of a regular condom at the base, where many thick dicks are their thickest. Having all that constriction at the base can inhibit blood flow and reduce erection strength, as well as dampen sensitivity.

The shape of Magnum condoms works well for a small subset of men with dicks that get thicker as they go, and even then it'd be best if they not have a base girth any bigger than 5.25 inches. But for the men with dicks that are wide across the entire shaft, or girthiest at the base, they're far from the best option.

Magnums may be synonymous with big, but they're just not. 54mm is too small for most of guys in search of larger condoms because the regulars they tried were just too tight. A man with 5.5-inch girth should be looking at 60mm or 64mm condoms!

I know that many of us, Magnums may be the biggest available at the local corner store or pharmacy. You might have to turn to the internet to buy condoms of an appropriate size. And you know what? You should do that. Shop online, order some lube and a stash of condoms that actually fit you, and then you won't have to run to the store every time you're going to have sex. Latex condoms typically have a shelf life of 3-5 years, so there's no reason not to have a stock of them in your nightstand.

Magnum condom alternatives

If you're in need of truly large condoms, there are now better options. Custom-size companies like My.Size and MyOne offer wide and long condoms at 64mm and larger nominal width, while Durex recently revamped the Durex XXL to be a cylindrical 64mm. On the high end at 69mm, you can also find Pasante Super King. It's worth noting that the largest condoms sold in the US are 64mm, so any 69mm condoms will have to be ordered online and imported.

Titan 3XL

69mm nominal width

There's a new big dog in town, and it's America's first FDA-authorized 69mm condom: Titan 3XL. Not only is it the widest condom sold in the US, at 8.8 inches is also one of the longest.

MyOne 64

64mm nominal width

(Fomerly MyOne 22) MyOne's roomiest offering, the 64 series brings 64mm nominal width for the girthiest of dicks, and a range of lengths from 5.6 inches all the way up to 9.3 inches. No matter your size, there's a fit for you.

My.Size 64

64mm nominal width

These German-made natural latex condoms come in a room 64mm size great for larger penises.

Titan 2XL

64mm nominal width

With a spacious 64mm nominal width, Titan 2XL's straight-walled 8.8-inch-long latex design is made for very large penises and is one of America's largest condoms.

Durex XXL 64mm condoms

64mm nominal width

The US version of Durex XXL offers a 64mm nominal width in a cylindrical shaft that's roomy from base to tip. At 8 inches long they're also among the longest condoms you can buy.

Unique Plus XXL

66mm nominal width

An exceptionally roomy condom that's also latex-free? That's Unique Plus XXL, with an hypoallergenic polyethylene resin material that while not stretchy like latex, will conform to your shape with ease. It's thin, it's strong, and it'll get the job done.

Pasante Super King

69mm nominal width

One of the widest condoms available anywhere, the Pasante Super King is a great fit for men with 6 inches of girth or more.

My.Size 69

69mm nominal width

They don't come much roomier than these. Made for the thickest of dicks, My.Size 69 offers loads of space.

My.Size Pro 72

72mm nominal width

Say hello to the new largest traditional condom on the market, the 72mm nominal width My.Size Pro 72. Made from hypoallergenic Vytex latex, this condom is made for the thickest of penises.

Mister Size 64

64mm nominal width

If you find yourself wondering why even the "large" condoms in the store seem tight, you might need a larger condom like this.

Mister Size 69

69mm nominal width

One of the widest condoms on the market, Mister Size 69 is made to comfortably fit the largest of dicks.

FC2 Female Condom

Turn the world on end with the FC2 Female Condom, a soft nitrile internal condom that is inserted into the vagina and takes on her shape. It's compatible with penises of all sizes, but is particularly advantageous for very thick men.