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The upgraded Durex XXL is among the largest condoms available in America, and it's just about the only 64mm one sold in stores.

If you're confused because you tried Durex XXL in the past and it wasn't nearly big enough, you're not wrong. Prior to mid-2020, Durex XXL was a knock-off of Trojan Magnum — a not-actually-large baseball-bat-shaped condom designed to offer something kinda big while staying within the US FDA's then-limit of 56mm nominal width. For guys that needed more than that, it sucked. And for Durex, it also kinda sucked because Magnum gobbled up all of the air in the "condoms for big dicks" market. While Durex XXL might've been a reasonable alternative, nobody was buying it because Magnum was synonymous with "big".

But then in 2016 things changed. After a lot of work on the part of condom manufacturers, the FDA both increased the maximum nominal width and decreased the minimum, opening the door for condom makers to start producing rubbers to fit even more men. There was much rejoicing on both ends of the spectrum.

So, saddled with "XXL" condoms that not enough people were buying, Durex retooled the product. It now has a cylindrical shape with a roomy 64mm nominal width from base to tip, measuring 220mm (8.66 inches) long. It went from an also-ran to one of the largest condoms available in America.

And thanks to Durex's market strength, unlike other similarly large condoms this one is available in retail stores and not just online. Initially the new Durex XXL was only available at Target stores and online at Amazon, but in the months since launch it has expanded to more stores across the nation (and disappeared from the shelves at Target). International availability isn't yet a thing, nor wide availability at locations like most pharmacies and gas stations. But we're getting there.

For men with girths of 5.5 inches or thicker, the new 64mm Durex XXL condoms are a godsend.

Durex XXL 64mm condoms

64mm nominal width

New to the market in 2020, the redesigned Durex XXL condoms offer a 64mm nominal width in a cylindrical shaft that's roomy from base to tip. At 8 inches long they're also among the longest condoms you can buy.

Durex XXL 64mm alternatives

Durex isn't the only extra-large condom option on the market in the US. A few other condom makers sell roomy 64mm condoms, and you can also import 69mm condoms like Pasante Super King and My.Size 69 from Europe, though you'll pay more to do that.

MyOne 64

64mm nominal width

(Fomerly MyOne 22) MyOne's roomiest offering, the 64 series brings 64mm nominal width for the girthiest of dicks, and a range of lengths from 5.6 inches all the way up to 9.3 inches. No matter your size, there's a fit for you.

Titan 2XL

64mm nominal width

With a spacious 64mm nominal width, Titan 2XL's straight-walled 8.8-inch-long latex design is made for very large penises and is one of America's largest condoms.

Unique Plus XXL

66mm nominal width

An exceptionally roomy condom that's also latex-free? That's Unique Plus XXL, with an hypoallergenic polyethylene resin material that while not stretchy like latex, will conform to your shape with ease. It's thin, it's strong, and it'll get the job done.

Titan 3XL

69mm nominal width

There's a new big dog in town, and it's America's first FDA-authorized 69mm condom: Titan 3XL. Not only is it the widest condom sold in the US, at 8.8 inches is also one of the longest.

My.Size 64

64mm nominal width

These German-made natural latex condoms come in a room 64mm size great for larger penises.

My.Size 69

69mm nominal width

They don't come much roomier than these. Made for the thickest of dicks, My.Size 69 offers loads of space.

My.Size Pro 72

72mm nominal width

Say hello to the new largest traditional condom on the market, the 72mm nominal width My.Size Pro 72. Made from hypoallergenic Vytex latex, this condom is made for the thickest of penises.

Pasante Super King

69mm nominal width

One of the widest condoms available anywhere, the Pasante Super King is a great fit for men with 6 inches of girth or more.

Mister Size 64

64mm nominal width

If you find yourself wondering why even the "large" condoms in the store seem tight, you might need a larger condom like this.

Mister Size 69

69mm nominal width

One of the widest condoms on the market, Mister Size 69 is made to comfortably fit the largest of dicks.

FC2 Female Condom

Turn the world on end with the FC2 Female Condom, a soft nitrile internal condom that is inserted into the vagina and takes on her shape. It's compatible with penises of all sizes, but is particularly advantageous for very thick men.