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All your buddies say their dicks are 7 or 8 inches long. That girl you were talking to says that 7 inches is nothing special, it's actually below average. But you measured your dick and checked against the penis size charts, and that data says that you're big.

So what gives? Girl inches strike again! The average penis is 5.5 inches long, so for any given adult male you can expect him to have a penis that measures right around there. But what are the odds he's actually bigger? And how many men are there like you?

gourd and white tape measure on blue surface

How rare is a 5.5-inch penis?

Truthfully, honest-to-god, the science says that 5.5 inches is the average dick length. So it's not a rare size at all. You can expect roughly half of men to be smaller, and half bigger. In fact, almost 60% of men across the entire planet are between 5 and 6 inches long.

The equivalent adult male height is 5'9", again, dead-center average. You can expect that of the roughly 2.7 billion adult males on the planet, half of them will have a penis at least 5.5 inches long.

That's all the ways we can think of to say "average".

How rare is a 6-inch penis?

We're right on the upper edge of what you can consider "average", and already we're starting to get into mildly rare. A man with a 6-inch dick ranks in the upper 23% of penises, so in a room of 4 guys he'd likely be the largest — at least statistically speaking, it's not a guarantee for any given room. Still, 1 in 4 isn't bad.

To have a 6-inch penis is to be the equivalent of 5'11" in height. Not what anybody would call tall, but a bit above average and certainly not short. It's an above-average penis. Nothing to scoff at, but also not exceptionally rare.

How rare is a 7-inch penis?

Bell curves being what they are, the bigger the number the more rare it gets real fast. At 7 inches we jump to the top 1.4% of penises. It's also big enough to start causing problems with penetrating too deep during sex, and that "magic number" for a lot of guys that have fallen into the girl inches trap. "Big enough" is always a bit more than you are now, and 7 inches seems like "reasonable but not preposterous" for a lot of men.

But the truth is, only about 1 in 70 men are that big. It's quite large, and quite rare. To put that in terms of body height, that's as rare as being 6'3" tall. We've all met a few people that tall in our lives, but they're uncommon. The stand out because they're pretty dang tall.

How rare is an 8-inch penis?

We're getting into very rare territory here. At 8 inches, you're ranking in the top 0.01% of cocks. That's 1-in-10,000 rare, or the equivalent of being 6'7" tall. That's really friggin' tall — and also really friggin' long.

But don't let your exceptional size go to your head — it's still just a penis, after all. But it is rarified air. Only about a quarter million men on the planet have penises this big or bigger. So you're simultaneously rare and one of many.

How rare is a 9-inch penis?

The truth is that our data starts to get a little fuzzy here. There's not a lot of scientific data on exceptionally large penises by virtue of their rarity. Few scientific studies have measured penises 9 inches or bigger, so they're very much outliers. Remember, science has measured tens of thousands of dicks to get the numbers we have today, and even amongst those they've found scant few.

But given the data we have and the patterns it matches, we can extrapolate out the rarity of a given size. And for 9 inches, that's roughly 0.00003%. Or 1-in-3.3 million. Or the equivalent of being 6'11" tall. There are a few thousand men at best on the entire planet with cocks this long. It's absolutely exceptionally rare to measure at 9 inches or bigger…

How rare is a 10-inch penis?

Scientific projections point to roughly one in one billion men having penises 10 inches or longer. Again, the numbers are fuzzy here; it only takes a handful of men to shift these numbers dramatically. But the truth is that 10-inch dicks are exceedingly rare, no matter what the stories your pals tell say. Ten inches is absurdly rare — it's like being 7'3" tall. It's so rare, that it's the sort of outlier that's bound to raise eyebrows.

Tales of 10-inch dicks abound, but the reality is that they're likely fabrications, exaggerations, or bad estimations to begin with. We humans are terrible at estimating penis sizes, and have faulty memories and a desire to show off.

How rare is a 12-inch penis?

Let's be real: 12-inch penises don't exist. They're a fiction of porn and a figment of active imaginations and liars. Any claim over 10 inches should be taken with a heaping pile of salt. Hell, you would be right to be skeptical of claims over 8 inches. 12 inches? That's preposterous.