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There are many different styles of pouch underwear, but what are the best options for men with truly large proportions? For men with big dicks and big balls, the best option is a large structured pouch, which provides ample room for your ample goods. Some other options, like a bounded internal pouch, can be a good fit if built right. But primarily what you should be looking for is a sturdy waistband and a stretchy fabric.

This combo ensures that you have enough support to make it comfortably through the day, and enough containment and control that you're not flopping to and fro while you go about your business. Of course, it's worth noting that large pouches won't do much for bulge minimization, though they can help to reduce the definition of any bulge so as to not be so detailed.

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy brief

Designed for guys that are hung — the Trophy Boy pouch is among the largest on the market and provides the room that men with huge dicks and big nuts need to be comfortable and supported.

Obviously PrimeMan 9-inch boxer briefs

With a long and stretchy pouch made from a MicroModal/Lycra blend, Obviously's long-leg boxer briefs provide the room a well-endowed man needs in a subdued style.

WildmanT Big Boy Mesh Stripe brief

The biggest pouches around are found in WildmanT's Big Boy line. Room to breath and hang, but not flop about with wild abandon, is the name of the game.

Duluth Trading Dang Soft Bullpen boxer brief

The internal "Bullpen" pouch of Duluth Trading allows for a more traditional appearance while not sacrificing comfort. Made from soft MicroModal fabric.

Obviously PrimeMan bikini brief

Sitting low on the hips but still providing full coverage in a MicroModal/Lycra blend, Obviously's PrimeMan bikini brief offers plenty of room and support without getting in the way.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked brief

Feel good and look good in Andrew Christian's comfortable Almost Naked anatomical pouch briefs.

WildmanT Big Boy 5-inch cotton boxer brief

A soft cotton fabric with a roomy Big Boy pouch, but in a more traditional boxer brief design.

Obviously EveryMan 9-inch boxer brief

If you prefer longer legs that don't ride up, Obviously's 9-inch boxer brief will be a great match. Features the roomy AnatoMax pouch in a soft and stretchy bamboo-rayon fabric blend.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Fly Tagless brief

Feel good and look good in Andrew Christian's comfortable Almost Naked anatomical pouch brief, with a rarity for pouch briefs: a fly!

WildmanT Big Boy Mesh Micro thong

Get the space and support you need with a barely there feel.

Obviously PrimeMan hipster brief

A trendy minimalist style of brief but still offering full coverage and a good balance of support and room to breath, the Obviously hipster brief has plenty of space for the above-average man's equipment.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked bamboo boxer brief

Straightforward yet spacious, understated yet supremely comfy, this Almost Naked boxer brief grants you room to breath and a design that stays in place no matter what.

WildmanT Big Boy Summer brief

A more traditional appearance than most WildmanT briefs, but still with the same expansive Big Boy pouch and a breathable mesh fabric.

Duluth Trading Buck Naked Bullpen boxer brief

Made from a premium moisture-wicking fabric and featuring Duluth's signature internal "Bullpen" pouch, with Buck Naked you can get a traditional style with plenty of comfort on the inside.

WildmanT Big Boy Stitch mesh brief

The iconic underwear that put WildmanT on the map, the Stitch brief offers a huge pouch for your huge junk, plus an eye-catching contrasting stitching and breathable mesh fabric.

Obviously EveryMan brief

Get Obviously's signature spacious AnatoMax pouch in an affordable bamboo-rayon fabric blend. Offers a more traditional design with plenty of space for your junk to hang without getting crushed.

WildmanT Big Boy cotton brief

Get plenty of space for your large equipment in the huge Big Boy pouch, made from a soft cotton fabric in an otherwise inconspicuous brief.

WildmanT Big Boy cotton bikini brief

With a striking blue-and-white design in an extra soft cotton-lycra blend, this underwear provides plenty of space to hang while definitely drawing the eye to your assets.

Duluth Trading Armachillo Bullpen boxer brief

Stay cool and comfortable with an internal pouch and special fabric that wicks away moisture and heat from your sweaty man bits.

WildmanT Big Boy mesh brief

An easy-breathing mesh design with a sturdy contrasting waistband and a spacious pouch with room yet support — what's not to like?

Obviously PrimeMan thong

Just the suppport and control you need and nothing more, with Obviously's signature AnatoMax pouch in a MicroModal/Lycra blend.