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Condom sizing is confusing. First you have to properly measure your penis, then there's math to figure out what size condom you need, and after all that we still had to make a condom size chart tool because most condom makers don't make it clear at all what size their rubbers are.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Two companies are changing the way we look at the condom market, and in a really good way. My.Size and MyOne both offer "custom" condom sizing, so you don't have to shop around a bunch to find the right condom size for you. Just enter your measurements in a handy calculator and you're presented with exactly the right size condom for you.

"Custom" is a bit of a misnomer. It's more like "fitted". Both of these companies offer an array of sizes without bogging it down in branding and labels. Who exactly is a "slim fit" condom supposed to fit versus "XL"? Enough with that.

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My.Size: 9 widths

Based in and sold in Europe and a few other countries, My.Size offers condoms in seven widths, from a snug 45mm and 6.3 inches long up to the widest sold anywhere 72mm width with 8.7 inches length. They offer a handy printable condom sizing guide or a phone-based size reference. I can't strongly endorse the precision of the second option, as the screen size options are outdated and it can't take into account the different shapes of penises — but it'll get you close.

My.Size custom fit condoms

Whether you need a snugger fit or something a lot wider than what's sold in most stores, My.Size offers a condom that will be just the right width for you. Available in 9 sizes from 45mm to 72mm nominal width.

MyOne: 9 widths & 10 lengths

If you thought the seven sizes of My.Size was great, then you're going to love the 60 size options from MyOne. This American condom outfit offers condoms in nine widths, from the smallest-available 45mm nominal width up to the US FDA limit of 64mm, though (though in Europe MyOne offers up to 69mm), but also in 10 lengths from 4.7 inches all the way up to 9.3 inches.

With all these options you can get exactly the condom you need and nothing more, and do away with that ring of unrolled latex at the base of your penis.

MyOne also offers a printable sizing guide, and you can also enter your measurements on their website for recommended fits, or they can even offer suggestions based on the fit of the condoms you currently use.

MyOne Perfect Fit condoms

No matter if you're short or long, slim or thick, no matter the size of your dick MyOne offers a condom that will fit you just right. Available in 60 sizes, from 45mm to 64mm nominal width and 4.7 inches to 9.5 inches length.

Mister Size: 7 widths

Taking after the approach of My.Size, Mister Size offers a range of condoms in multiple widths, each paired with more than enough length. Based in Europe, but available for import in the USA, you can get Mister Size condoms ranging from 47mm wide and 6.3 inches long up to 69mm nominal width at a very-long 8.7 inches.

Not sure which you should use? You can print out a measuring guide or order a free one in the mail. Or if you're feeling particularly randy and find yourself looking at a shelf of Mister Size condoms in the store, the dark band across the box is roughly the width of a penis that would be a good fit for that size.

Mister Size custom fit condoms

Offering a selection of 7 widths from snug to spacious, Mister Size brings a wide range of condom sizes. From a slim 47mm to a very wide 69mm, you'll find a condom that fits.

Lovense RealSize: 6 widths

Though Lovense offers fewer size options than other manufacturers of custom-sized condoms, they have a few unqiue options.

Lovense's RealSize condoms start at 49mm nominal width with a shorter-than-standard 6.3-inch length and reach up to a relatively wide 60mm at 7.5 inches long. But between those two extremes are a few very small steps in condom size so you can find exactly the right fit for your penis. There are three condoms in the standard range: 51mm, 52mm, and 54mm nominal width, each with a standard 7-inch length. There's also a slightly roomier 56mm option with a flared head.

If your penis is particularly thick you may not be able to find a perfect fit with the RealSize condoms, but their options should fit the vast majority of men.

Lovense stands out by offering a subscription option for discounted RealSize deliveries every 1-3 months so you can be sure to never run out of condoms and find yourself scrambling to find the right size you need at a local store.

Lovense RealSize custom fit condoms

Whether you need something large or small, Lovense has a condom for you — and can ship them to you every month for a substantial discount.

Custom Condom Size Calculator

With all these options, how are you supposed to know which condom is the right fit for you? We've got you covered! Just plug your dick's length and girth into this calculator and we'll tell you which custom fit condom from every brand is the best for you.

The right condom for every man

With all the condom options out there, it can be really confusing finding the right fit, so an option like My.Size or MyOne might be a good option for you. It's worth noting that you will pay more for the privilege of getting a condom of just the right size — economies of scale being what they are mean that it costs a bit more per condom to make and stock up to 60 different sizes. But if you've been struggling to find the right combination of length and width to fit your dick, that might be a small price to pay.