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Locker rooms can be an awkward environment for a lot of men. The machismo is off the charts, nudity abounds, and there’s a plethora of body types from the unfortunate to the intimidating, all in close proximity. There’s clothes changing, male bonding and bullshitting, sweating, and the showers. It’s okay to feel insecure about yourself amongst all of that, and uncertain of how to handle yourself and your big swinging dick.

Maybe you’re afraid of getting called out for having an erection when that’s just your soft size. Maybe you’re afraid of being treated differently, or of men leering and your dong. Maybe you’re just not comfortable with your own body yet.

So what are you to do when the time comes to clean up and change clothes? Do just that, to whatever degree you’re comfortable.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Remember why you and every other guy is in that locker room: you’re there to get cleaned up after a good workout, change into different not-sweaty clothes, and then carry on with the rest of your day.

Now, I won’t lie and say that a large flopping penis won’t draw attention. But most of it will be positive — especially if you’re more of a grower than a shower. To quote the joking directed at me in my military boot camp showers: “Watch where you’re swinging that thing!” Dropping your shorts and revealing a big dick in the locker room is more likely to bring kudos, affirming jokes, and respect, all of which it’s best just to roll with even if you feel like it’s unearned.

If you’re not comfortable with going full nude, that’s okay. Lots of guys of all sizes feel that way. It’s okay to change under a towel or hide behind the curtain of a shower stall. The degree of modesty you’re willing to exhibit is an entirely personal decision, and it may evolve over time as you get more comfortable with your own body.

But whatever you do, don’t show off. Nobody likes a braggart, and there are already plenty of those in the gym. And at least those guys are showing off their gains from the gym; you parading around a monster schlong? You didn’t earn that, and it’s not something the rest of the guys in the locker room can aspire to have. It’s just your genetics, and it’s not fair to flaunt that, especially when penis size is something that a lot of men are incredibly insecure about.

There is of course the justifiable concern about getting unwanted attention due to the size of your penis. It happens, and it’s not fun. But there are ways to handle it all that range from subtle to fun. The most important thing is to not get defensive about it. Somebody accuses you of showing off? Just shrug and say you’re just using the locker room like any other man. Accused of being hard? Flop it around a bit to show you’re not. Some guy just can’t stop staring. Ignore it; some folks just can’t help but gawk at the unusual. And if somebody is being extra creepy, report them to the facility’s management.

By and large, though, using the locker room when you’ve got a big dick is just like anybody else using it. You’re there to do locker room things just like every other guy, so just do it all like any other guy.