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The vast majority of men fit into standard-sized condoms, but men on the extremes of either side aren't served well by them. Thankfully, there are options for different-sized condoms. On the small side, the slim-and-short MyOne E55 custom size is the smallest condom sold anywhere, while on the huge end you'll find the enormous new MySize Pro 72 — the widest condom sold anywhere. MyOne sells longer condoms (up to 9.5 inches), but only up to a 64mm width.

To illustrate the wide range of penis sizes, we got our hands on both the MyOne E55 and the My.Size Pro 72, along with the most popular condom sold on and, the standard-sized 53mm nominal width Trojan Bareskin. It measures in at 7.5 inches long, which is a full 2 inches longer than the average man's penis, allowing condoms like it that are stocked on store shelves to safely cover a wide swath of men.

Packaging: MyOne E55 (world’s smallest condom), Trojan BareSkin (most popular condom), and My.Size Pro 72 (world’s largest condom).

At first glance, the size difference isn't immediately obvious. All of MyOne's condoms are packaged in the same circular wrapper, and the bulk of Trojan's condoms are in in similarly sized square wrappers. The MySize wrapper is larger, but nothing about the branding immedaitely gives it away as a large sized condom (unless you understand the meaning of the "72"). Once the size difference of the rolled up latex rings inside the wrappers is noticed, however, then it becomes somewhat more obvious.

Rolled: MyOne E55 (world’s smallest condom), Trojan BareSkin (most popular condom), and My.Size Pro 72 (world’s largest condom).

Take these condoms out of the wrappers and it's very clear that we're dealing with different sizes here. While the MyOne E55 is only a bit narrower than the Trojan BareSkin, the markedly smaller length means that the condom ring itself has fewer layers wrapped up and is also narrower. But for some men that's all the condom they need and there's a condom that fits them just fine.

Anybody that's ever dealt in condoms will be familiar with the rolled size of the Trojan BareSkin. It's nothing remarkable.

On the opposite end is the My.Size Pro 72, which in its rolled state measures nearly an inch wider than the MyOne E55. It's also significantly longer than either condom, and even with the thin Vytex latex that leads to a thicker rolled ring.

Unrolled: MyOne E55 (world’s smallest condom), Trojan BareSkin (most popular condom), and My.Size Pro 72 (world’s largest condom).

Fully unrolled, the size difference really begins to sink in. No further commentary is really necessary here.

The importance of condom sizing

We are fortunate to live in an age when there is a wide range of condom sizes available. From snug condoms that are just long enough for smaller men to long and roomy condoms for the biggest men. Condoms never have been "one size fits all" and the existence of these size extremes proves it.

For most men, the condoms sold in stores are good enough. Condoms are fit first by girth, as excess latest still rolled at the base of the condom is built into the design and won't inhibit function. The vast majority of men fall within half an inch of the average 4.5-inch girth and will be served well by the snug-to-regular-to-large condoms sold in stores.

Men on both extremes typically have to turn to online shopping for properly fitting condoms, as they're so rare and thus the markets are too small for most retailers to dedicate shelf space to extra small and extra large condoms.

Getting a properly fitting condom is hugely important for all men. A condom that's too large can slip off during sex, while a condom that's too small can break or squeeze the life out of a boner. Either way, you're in for a not-as-fun time as you could be having, and putting yourself at increased risk of disease or accidental pregnancy.

The condoms we've looked at today are for men with different needs. The most-popular Trojan BareSkin has a 53mm nominal width will fit the vast majority of men with girths close to 4.5 inches / 12 cm. The smallest model, the MyOne E55, offers a snugger fit at 45mm nominal width good for around 3.9 inches / 10 cm girth, and a 4.9-inch (125mm) length. The My.Size Pro 72 is the biggest condoms sold anywhere, measuring in at 72mm nominal width for a penis with a 6.25-inch girth and up to 8.75 inches long.

Condom Size Chart