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The most confounding thing about men's underwear is that a lot of it doesn't seem to be designed for men. We've all got penises and testicles of varying sizes, but does our underwear have space for them? Not often. Even the growers among us know the discomfort of poorly fitting underwear. What's a man to do? try out pouch underwear — it's not just for the massively well-endowed!

Pouch underwear comes in briefs and boxer briefs forms and is designed to provide support, control, and a comfortable amount of space for your genitals. The category has exploded in recent years, with many excellent options out there for growers that don't need all the space all the time.

There are a few different styles to consider. Some simply offer extra space with a more generous cut in the front and some stretchy fabric, as is typical of Calvin Klein. Others, like Duluth Trading and Saxx have internal pouches with fabric walls to keep you from slipping down a leg. External pouchs like Obviously Freeman offer some bulge enhancement while keeping your dick and balls separated from your thighs. Dual-pouch designs from Separatec take it to the next level with separation for all your bits.

Separatec cotton dual pouch boxer briefs

Comfort awaits in the signature dual-pouch Separatec design, keeping your penis and testicles separated from each other and your legs for better support and moisture control.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked bamboo brief

Feel good and look good in Andrew Christian's comfortable Almost Naked anatomical pouch briefs.

Obviously FreeMan trunk

With Obviously's AnatoFree pouch providing support and room to breath, these simple yet stylish trunks are a great fit for most men.

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Stretch hip brief

Calvin Klein is undeniably an iconic brand in men's underwear, and there's nothing in their line-up more comfortable than the modern cotton stretch hip brief.

Pair of Thieves SuperFit boxer briefs

Pair of Thieves' quick-drying SuperFit fabric and flat-stitch assembly make for a supremely comfortable boxer brief that'll keep you cool and dry all day long.

Duluth Trading Dang Soft Bullpen boxer briefs

The internal "Bullpen" pouch of Duluth Trading allows for a more traditional appearance while not sacrificing comfort. Made from soft MicroModal fabric.

Saxx Ultra boxer briefs

Saxx's signature Ballpark pouch provides space for your junk to reside, and keeps it from slipping down your leg.

Sheath Dual Pouch 4.0 boxer briefs

Get the comfort and support of a dual-pouch design, but contained within a normal-looking boxer brief shell. No need to show off, right?

David Archy dual pouch trucks with fly

Keep the twigs and berries separated and comfortable with a dual-pouch design and sporty short trunk legs.