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There's a new king in Condom Town: the extra-extra-wide My.Size Pro 72. This new beast of a condom measures in at 72mm nominal width, slightly larger than the previous maximum of 69mm. It's a great option for men with 6.25 inches girth or more, and the absolute largest traditional condom sold anywhere on Earth. On top of that, the My.Size Pro line uses a hypoallergenic natural Vytex latex. There's just one problem for any Americans reading this: they're bigger than the FDA regulates for sale in the USA, and no traditional retailer is going to want to sell unregulated medical devices. So what are you and your girthy dick to do?

Buy from an importer! Since the My.Size Pro line launched in Europe in mid-2021 only a few US-based retailers have started importing the condoms for resale. You'll end up paying a bit more for the privileges, and possibly waiting a little while for delivery, but that's the price we sometimes have to pay for comfort and safety. It might be worth buying more than you need right now so you can have a stash ready for when you do need them.

My.Size Pro 72

72mm nominal width

Say hello to the new largest traditional condom on the market, the 72mm nominal width My.Size Pro 72. Made from hypoallergenic Vytex latex, this condom is made for the thickest of penises.

My.Size Pro 72 Alternatives

Maybe you don't have time to wait for an importer to ship to you. Maybe you don't want to risk buying condoms that aren't FDA certified. Maybe you just want other options. Behold, here they are. Since we're looking at very large condoms here, you'll still likely be forced to buy online.

Titan 3XL

69mm nominal width

There's a new big dog in town, and it's America's first FDA-authorized 69mm condom: Titan 3XL. Not only is it the widest condom sold in the US, at 8.8 inches is also one of the longest.

Titan 2XL

64mm nominal width

With a spacious 64mm nominal width, Titan 2XL's straight-walled 8.8-inch-long latex design is made for very large penises and is one of America's largest condoms.

MyOne 64

64mm nominal width

(Fomerly MyOne 22) MyOne's roomiest offering, the 64 series brings 64mm nominal width for the girthiest of dicks, and a range of lengths from 5.6 inches all the way up to 9.3 inches. No matter your size, there's a fit for you.

Durex XXL 64mm

64mm nominal width

The US version of Durex XXL offers a 64mm nominal width in a cylindrical shaft that's roomy from base to tip. At 8 inches long they're also among the longest condoms you can buy.

My.Size 69

69mm nominal width

They don't come much roomier than these. Made for the thickest of dicks, My.Size 69 offers loads of space.

Pasante Super King 69mm condoms

69mm nominal width

One of the widest condoms available anywhere, the Pasante Super King is a great fit for men with 6 inches of girth or more.

EXS Jumbo

69mm nominal width

A huge condom for the huge man. At 69mm, these are among the widest condoms made, with plenty of room for guys with extra thick dicks.

FC2 Female Condom

Turn the world on end with the FC2 Female Condom, a soft nitrile internal condom that is inserted into the vagina and takes on her shape. It's compatible with penises of all sizes, but is particularly advantageous for very thick men.