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Good news! You're thicker than average, but not so big that you can't use regular size condoms. They'll actually fit okay, but your best fit might come from the large condoms on the shelf. So long as you're correctly measuring your girth and seeing 4.75 inches as the result, there are some great options for your size. Bonus: there are a lot of fun novelty condoms available at your size that bigger guys simply don't have.

When it comes to condom sizing, girth is the most important measurement. At 4.75 inches / 12 cm you're just a bit above average, and when it comes to condom nominal width you should be looking at condoms around 53-55mm. That's just a hair above the standard 52mm, so there are a lot of condom options available to you at larger and smaller sizes.

MyOne 55

55mm nominal width

(Formerly MyOne 11) If you find that regular size condoms are a bit too long — or not quite long enough, MyOne 55 is here for you. With a slightly roomier 55mm nominal width and your pick of lengths from 5.2 to 8 inches, you're bound to find a fit.

LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed

53mm nominal width

Fun for you and her, with a ribbed shaft for more stimulation and extra lubricant for both for more fun all around.

One Vanish Hyperthin

53mm nominal width

Super-thin and nicely lubricated, One's Vanish Hyperthin condoms won't stand between you and feeling everything.

Kimono MicroThin XL

56mm nominal width

Wider at the base, larger at the head, and super thin — Kimono MicroThin XL is everything it says right in the name.

Trojan Bareskin

53mm nominal width

Large and in charge — and latex free! An excellent fit for the man with above-average girth, available in 10- and 20-packs. Thin yet safe, these condoms will fit most men with ease.

One Tattoo Touch

56mm nominal width

Touching is believing. An extra roomy flared design, fun colors, and extremely fun texturing make One Tattoo Touch one of the most unique condoms available.

Unique Pull

53mm nominal width

Unrolling condoms is for chumps. Unique Pull doesn't just use a latex-free polyethylene resin material, it also has a unique application process — as the name would imply, you position it on your head, grab the pull tabs, and slide it down your shaft for superior protection and sensation.

Durex Air

54mm nominal width

So thin it's practically transparent, but still strong enough to keep you safe from STIs and pregnancy.

Okamoto 001 L

56mm nominal width

Okamoto's signature uber-thin 0.01mm non-latex condoms, but in a larger size for above-average girths. You'll feel everything with these.

Lelo Hex

54mm nominal width

The unique hexagonal lattice latex of Lelo Hex ensures keeps safety at it the front. Unlike a normal condom, which will rip apart like a balloon if punctured, the Hex will only break apart in that block.

Royal Ultra Thin

55mm nominal width

A no-nonsense ultra-thin latex condom, Royal Ultra Thin's walls measure just 0.056mm thick, so you'll barely even feel that they're there.

Skyn Elite Large

56mm nominal width

Large and in charge — and latex free! An excellent fit for the man with above-average girth, in an ultra-thin setting.

LifeStyles Kyng

56mm nominal width

A condom fit for a king. Features both a wider base and a flared design for men who need more room at the tip.

Playboy Extra Large

56mm nominal width

Some guys are simply working with more. Playboy Extra Large is here to accommodate them, with a 56mm nominal width that's good for men with a little extra girth.

My.Size 53

53mm nominal width

A standard-sized condom for the standard-sized man. Grab a box of 10 of these natural rubber latex condoms from the company that makes a size for every man.

FC2 Female Condom

Turn the world on end with the FC2 Female Condom, a soft nitrile internal condom that is inserted into the vagina and takes on her shape. It's compatible with penises of all sizes, but is particularly advantageous for very thick men.