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There are plenty of reasons to get a non-lubricated condom, from preferring your own lubrication to the unpleasant discovery that you or your partner are allergic to the specific lube that comes on the condom. If that's you, there are thankfully some alternatives available in the form of condoms that come out of the wrapper dry — just latex and nothing else.

There's just one catch… because unlubricated condoms aren't big sellers, there aren't a lot of options, and only standard-size 53mm nominal width condoms are available without lubrication. So they're made mostly for average-size penises — so make sure that they'll work for your size. If you're bigger than average, these condoms could be too tight. But there are plenty of other condom options out there, you'll just have to contend with the fact that they're pre-lubricated.

Trojan ENZ (unlubricated)

53mm nominal width

Trojan's standard latex condom, no frills, no fuss, and no lube so you can add your own. A great option for those with allergies to certain lubes.

LifeStyles standard (unlubricated)

53mm nominal width

No fuss, no frills, no mess — bring your own lube to the party with these unlubricated standard-size condoms.

Trustex Colors (unlubricated)

53mm nominal width

Who says your condom needs to be a dull latext color? Bring some hue into the bedroom with these lube-free condoms.

Trustex Flavors (unlubricated)

53mm nominal width

Nasty latex flavor? Nah, there's flavor to be found! From strawberry to chocolate to banana to cola (and a few more), these unlubricated condoms will add a new dimension to your next sexual encounter.

Trustex standard (unlubricated)

53mm nominal width

Need a no-frills condom that gets the job done? Trustex's default condom comes at a standard size, with no fancy shapes or textures — it doesn't even have lube. It's the protection you need and nothing more.