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Believe it or not, but 5 inches girth is on the high side of what's going to be a just-okay fit for regular size condoms. You're already into the realm of "large and XL" here. So if you're measuring your girth, coming up with 5 inches, and wondering where to look… here's where to start.

Girth is the most important measurement in fitting a condom, and at 5 inches / 13 cm you want to step beyond the realm of standard sized condoms into the land of condom nominal width. In particular, you want to be looking at condoms measuring in at 56-58mm nominal width, though if you prefer a tighter or looser fit you may want to give our condom size finder tool a try.

Glyde Maxi

56mm nominal width

Get a bit more room in these fair trade and certified vegan ultra-thin latex condoms.

Kimono MicroThin XL

56mm nominal width

Wider at the base, larger at the head, and super thin — Kimono MicroThin XL is everything it says right in the name.

Lelo Hex Respect XL

58mm nominal width

A comfortably roomy condom for the above-average man with a unique hexagonal latex that's strong, yet thin, to maximize pleasure for you and your partner.

Lifestyles Kyng

56mm nominal width

A condom fit for a king. Features both a wider base and a flared design for men who need more room at the tip.

MyOne 17

57mm nominal width

For the man that finds standard-sized condoms to be a bit too tight, MyOne 17 offers a 57mm nominal width and custom lengths from 4.7 inches up to 8.7 — all the condom you need and nothing more.

My.Size 57

57mm nominal width

Like a little more breathing room in your condoms? My.Size 57 offers just that, with a somewhat roomier fit suitable for somewhat above average penises.

Okamoto 001 L

56mm nominal width

Okamoto's signature uber-thin 0.01mm non-latex condoms, but in a larger size for above-average girths. You'll feel everything with these.

Okamoto 003 L

58mm nominal width

At just 0.03mm thin, virtually nothing will stop you and your partner from feeling everything you have to offer, and these are for the man that has somewhat more to offer.

One Legend XL

56mm nominal width

Extra room with a flared shape tip, the Legend XL condoms provide the space that an above-average man needs.

One Tattoo Touch

56mm nominal width

Touching is believing. An extra roomy flared design, fun colors, and extremely fun texturing make One Tattoo Touch one of the most unique condoms available.

Playboy Extra Large

56mm nominal width

Some guys are simply working with more. Playboy Extra Large is here to accommodate them, with a 56mm nominal width that's good for men with a little extra girth.

Royal XL Ultra Thin

58mm nominal width

With a wider width from base to tip, Royal XL offers more space for guys that feel a little constrained in standard-sized condoms.

Skyn Elite Large

56mm nominal width

Large and in charge — and latex free! An excellent fit for the man with above-average girth, in an ultra-thin setting.

Trojan Supra Bareskin

58mm nominal width

Thin and non-latex, Trojan Supra Bareskin's medical-grade polyurethane sheath is the allergy-free protection you need.

Trustex Extra Large

57mm nominal width

A reliable no-frills condom, but made with a bit more room for penises that are a bit bigger.

FC2 Female Condom

Turn the world on end with the FC2 Female Condom, a soft nitrile internal condom that is inserted into the vagina and takes on her shape. It's compatible with penises of all sizes, but is particularly advantageous for very thick men.