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Condom shopping is already hard enough for bigger guys. We have to learn about nominal width, find out we can basically only buy extra large condoms online, and we can't run down to the local convenience store to get one in a hurry. And once you look at the narrow selection of wide condoms, you notice something interesting: none of the fun varieties of condoms that exist for regular sizes are available for larger condoms.

You won't find any ribbed or studded extra large condoms. There aren't any in fun colors or that glow in the dark. You're not going to see them with warming or cooling gels or with climax delaying treatments. And none are flavored anything other than "latex" or "polyethylene resin". So what gives? Why don't big guys get to have all the same fun textures and flavors as the average Joe?

It's not because bigger penises don't stand to benefit from such features. Despite what some may think, a larger penis doesn't equal better sex and automatic orgasms; there's no reason the extra stretch of a large penis couldn't be accompanied by stimulating ribs or a warming sensation.

No, the reason is really quite simple: the market is too small. A girth of 5.5 inches / 14 cm is already top 5% territory with minimal market potential. Novelty condoms are a smaller segment of the condom market already, so once you throw in exceptionally rare sizes you're looking at a specialty market within a specialty market. It's just not worth it for the condom makers and retailers to invest in design, testing, certification, manufacturing, distribution, stocking, and marketing of condoms that a very small number of people will buy. We're lucky they make extra large condoms at all.

But! You can make your own, kinda sorta. Textured and colored condoms are hard to replicate, but you can add different lubes to the mix.

Doc Johnson Good Head flavored lube 5-pack

Add some fun flavors other than "latex" to the party. Includes travel-friendly 28ml bottles of wild cherry, mint, green apple, watermelon, and strawberry flavors.

Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomengranate flavored lube

A delicious fruity flavor for oral sex, body massages, and more.

Tracey Cox Supersex Orgasm Gel

With tingling arginine and menthol, this water-based lube brings a stimulation boost to all parties.

Adam & Eve Strawberry Clit Sensitizer Gel

Amp up clitoral stimulation with just a small dab of this fun strawberry-flavored gel.

KY Warming Jelly lube

Apply a fun warming sensation to any love-making session, whether you're going raw, using condoms, or by yourself or with some toys.