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white toilet paper rolls

Every guy's heard it: "If you can't fit your dick inside the tube of cardboard inside a roll of toilet paper, then your dick is thick." But is that true?

First things first, we need to define the size of a toilet paper tube. And that's where we run into our first problem: there's no standard size of toilet paper tube.

Toilet paper tube sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from product line to product line within the same brand. The toilet paper currently in my house has tubes with an internal diameter of 1.6 inches, and thus would accommodate girths of up to 5 inches. And true, anything larger than that is in the realm of above-average and thicker girth, while those that fit with just a bit of room to spare would be an average size. But that's just this specific tube; some brands use narrower tubes to fit more sheets on a roll, while some use bigger tubes so that they seem full size while skimping on the sheet count. It's not a reliable tool.

But yes, in general a dick that is too thick to fit into an obviously standard toilet paper roll will be considered "thick". The idea behind using a toilet paper roll is that it's something in every household, is generally of a common size, and is of a size where you'll be able to claim to have a thick cock.

But we're not about such ambiguous terms as "thick" around here. Let's measure that dick and put some numbers to it!

How to measure your girth (without using a toilet paper tube):

  1. Stand up.
  2. Get as fully erect as you can. Have a tailor's tape measure or a narrow strip of paper nearby.
  3. Wrap the measuring device around the thickest part of your shaft. Tighten it to where it is snug enough not to freely move, but not so tight that it is compressing your penis.
  4. Note where the measure overlaps. That’s your girth. If you used the paper, just measure the distance from the end to that mark.

Once you've got your measurements, then you can compare to the dick size charts to see where you fit in. More importantly, knowing your girth is essential to choosing the right condom size.