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He's spoken of as if he's some kind of legend, but the truth about Jonah Falcon is that he's a fraudster. His claim of having the world's largest penis at a mind-boggling 13.5 inches isn't just a lie, it's absurd and falls apart upon the slightest bit of examination.

Let’s be clear: Falcon certainly does have a very large penis. He's shown it soft on multiple occasions and his flaccid size is quite large. He's also proud of walking around New York City in deliberately skin-tight biking shorts to show off his prodigious bulge, and has allowed himself to be recorded taking a shower while soft [NSFW, obviously]

But hard? He refused to prove that claim of 13.5 inches, either by providing his own evidence or allowing somebody else to measure it. As the saying goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and Falcon has continually refused to provide it.

Why? Because he's not as big as he claims. In fact, Falcon has exercised the full extent of DCMA takedown requests in an attempt to hide old videos of his true endowment. But they're not all off the internet. The truth is that he's big, but not huge. Skip to 9:20 in the video below [NSFW] to see what I mean:

There he is, fully erect, and sporting 9 inches at best. Hell, that's not even the 9.5 flaccid inches he claims.

Falcon is a liar and an attention whore. He's very much on the shower side of the grower vs. shower dichotomy and has used his very large flaccid size and shamelessness to parade that around to gain the attraction that he so craves.

Falcon is a failed actor, having appeared in a handful of tiny roles in New York City TV productions. He claims not to want to be known for his prodigious member, but hasn't been shy about showing it off for the past 20 years. In fact, after a few years away from the spotlight, Falcon popped back up in 2018 claiming to have been singled out for extra screening by the TSA because the airport scanners picked up on his large penis. Truth be told, that's not an unreasonable story and TSA pat downs happens all the time to guys with larger packages, not just mammoth ones.

You think that a man who publicly proclaims to have the largest penis on the planet would be willing to have it measured to prove it. You would think that a man willing to show it off soft would also be willing to show it hard. You'd think that a man that has allowed himself to be recorded sticking his own soft dick in his asshole would be also willing to take the bags full of money porn producers would throw at somebody with a dick that size.

Jonah Falcon a fraud, and giving any credence to his unproven claims of having a 13-inch penis do a disservice to men struggling with realistically large penises. He's only contributed to the perpetuation of big dick fetishization, and to the insecurities of average-sized men.

If only we could stop falling for his attention-seeking bullshit.