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So you've discovered that you're actually a lot bigger than you expected. Sure, you measured your dick in the past, but you didn't know where you fit into the grand scheme of dick sizes. And it turns out you're huge! Congratulations on the giant cock, friend.

There are some things you need to know, now that you know you're well-endowed. There are condoms that fit, you should always do plenty of foreplay and have lube ready for sex, there are some positions you just can't do, and you are not a better man just because your dick is big.

I know what you're thinking, "Way to take the wind out of my sails!" But the truth is that at the end of the day, your penis is still just a penis, and it has no bearing on who you are as a man. It certainly doesn't elevate you above any other man.

It's okay to draw some confidence from having a large penis. It's only natural, especially soon after realizing that you are in fact quite large. You've been told by pop culture for years and years that "bigger is better" and recently inundated with the sexist nonsense that is "big dick energy." Clearly, having a big dick must be a good thing, right? Sure, there are absolutely some benefits to being large, just as there are some downsides. But I want to talk right now about what's going through your head and driving that new spring in your step.

I totally get it. After all this time, after a life of disappointments and things just not going your way, you've finally got this one thing in your favor and boy is it a whopper! It's great to be excited by it. But at the end of the day your penis is just an organ for urinating and ejaculating, and the fact that yours is bigger than average doesn't change who you are.

What makes you better comes from within. It's what you've done, how you think, how you treat your fellow men and women, and what you aspire to do. It's working every day to be better than you were the day before. It's compassion and foresight and generosity and honesty and kindness. It is being true to yourself and what good at your core. It's having perspective of what you have and what you lack, and not flaunting your assets at those who don't.

But most of all, it's realizing that you aren't better than other people. Your big dick is still just a dick, and you are still just a man.

You have been given a gift. Don't blow it by turning into a douche.