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We've all dealt with it. You've finished peeing, you put your junk away, and when you step to the sink to wash up, that's when you see it: you've leaked the last little drops of urine through your pants. It's dumb, it's demoralizing, and it doesn't have to happen.

Turns out, this happens to all penises regardless of their size, though it might be amplified a bit for larger ones because we've got that much more urethra to drain. The real problem is with the shape of your internal penile anatomy, specifically that of the urethra (the tube through which you expel urine) as it leaves the bladder and traverses to the penis. The urethra basically drops straight down from the bladder and bends once it hits your perineum — the space between the back of your scrotum and your anus, between your ballsack and butthole, the taint. Here the urethra takes a turn forward towards your dick, but it also goes up a bit along the way, creating a trap where pee can collect while you're urinating.

Think of it like the J-shaped trap under your sink drain, except that this is just a biological quirk with no good reason. So you finish peeing, there's a bit of piss left in that trap, and as you put your dick back in your pants you manage to jostle and squeeze that tube, forcing that last little bit of urine out of its hiding spot and out onto your pants.

So what are you supposed to do to stop this? Drain it yourself before you put your junk away.

  1. Finish peeing.
  2. Reach up behind your testicles and place two fingers onto your taint.
  3. Gently push up. This will elevate the urethra inside your body, draining out the last urine inside.
  4. Shake your dick twice for good measure.
  5. Put your junk away, empty and dry.

That's it. Pee, press, put away. It takes a bit of practice to make it a habit, but once you do then you'll never have pee drip spotting on your pants ever again.