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I'm here to tell you something that those with typical or even grower penises might not realize: having a huge soft shower cock kinda sucks. Sure, there are moments where it's fun to have 6+ inches of flaccid dick flopping down there, but the rest of the time it's always there.

The first issue with being a huge shower is the just fitting it into clothing. Normal underwear isn't made for penises of this size; so I've found myself spending way too much money searching for the best large pouch underwear to fit my huge dick.

That leads to bulge management issues all the time in almost every reasonable well-fitting pants, and that I have a slim bulge and huge balls only compounds the bulging. There are some times it can be a beneficial choice to sport a big bulge, but when you've got no choice in the matter then it can be frustrating. And in swim suits? Oof man, once I'm wet there's no hiding it.

Having a large soft penis can lead to some erroneous assumptions about your state of arousal. I'm longer and thicker soft than the average erect penis, which has more than once led people to the wrong conclusion about my state of mind. It's incredibly mortifying to be told that this isn't an appropriate time or place to be so visibly turned on, when I'm nothing of the sort. I've even been told while naked in a locker room that I was being inappropriate and should cover up. It's fair that people don't expect me to have so large of a soft penis, but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing to ponder how to explain in that moment that I'm not at all aroused.

The definition of a shower is that the penis grows less than expected given its soft size. And having a very large soft penis that doesn't grow a whole lot when hard can set up a sexual partner for disappointment. They see a huge soft cock and expect that it'll grow a bunch to a huge hard on, but it only gets a bit bigger when hard? That's a mood dampener.

There's no biological benefit to having a giant softie. It doesn't help with procreation, it's a larger impact target, it doesn't make it easier to do anything. Heck, unrestrained it can even hurt to be flapping back and forth in vigorous exercise. Showers definitely shouldn't try running commando. Most toilets aren't made with extra long dicks in mind.

There's really only one upside to being a shower, and it's that it can be a confidence booster when getting naked. I never have any concerns that somebody will think I have a small dick when my pants come off. Whether it's the locker room or skinny dipping or dropping my pants for the doctor, nobody's ever going to scoff at this long floppy penis.

But it's almost entirely other guys that would be making such a judgement. Women tend not to care about soft size one bit, and a good portion would prefer that their partner not bulge so much all the time.

The world's expectations are built around average-sized penises, sometimes literally. Us oversized showers can struggle to fit into that mold, sometimes literally.