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Modern society has an obsession with penis size and it's really kind of weird. To top it off, we tend to focus on the wrong dimension, prizing length over girth. But in reality, length is the less impactful of the two measurements, by far. For a lot of men with long penises they can tell you that it's kind of a waste; with an average vaginal depth of around 6 inches there's not a lot of extra room in there for extra long penises. To top it off, most of the vagina's nerve endings are near the opening, so deep thrusting doesn't add a lot of extra stimulation and it runs the risk of smashing against the cervix. Most women don't like that at all.

Then there's girth. Thickness is massively undervalued by pop culture, to the point that having a "chode" — a penis that's not long but is quite thick — is something of a joke. But having large girth presents both opportunities and challenges that go under-appreciated by many.

On the plus side, having a very thick penis means that you can provide plenty of stretching action to a vagina or anus during penetrative sex that many find pleasurable. Additionally, extra girth can apply internal pressure on the G-spot and clitoris, making it easier for a woman to orgasm for penetration alone.

But on the negative side… there are some issues. Above average thickness can bring bonuses, but once you move into very girthy range things start to go downhill fast. Loads of foreplay is mandatory for a thick penis, since you'll need to put more time and work into properly relaxing the vagina so you can actually fit inside. Additionally, you'll almost always need to use lube to help reduce painful friction during sex.

Condoms can be a real pain for very thick dicks. Literally. Almost all of the "large" condoms sold in stores fit up to about 5" girth, maybe 5.25 if you really want to stretch it. Beyond that, you're looking at ordering XXL condoms online. It's doubly frustrating for guys that have lots of girth but not lots of length, as a lot of the very wide condoms are also very long, meaning they're left with a lot of extra latex still rolled up at the base of their dick. That can be alleviated with custom length and width condoms like MyOne, but then you have to order online and you'll pay more for the privilege.

Toothy blowjobs are perhaps the most frustrating part of having an overly thick penis. You can foreplay your way around a vagina, you can order a stock of wide condoms, but you can't make a mouth any wider than it is. A lot of girthy guys simply will never know what truly great oral sex feels like, and it's the fault of them or their partners.

Maybe society's focus on length makes sense… you can always just not thrust as deep, but when you're thick then your partner's always going to get all of what you have to offer.