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Though it's been a little while since the term "manspreading" was cursed upon our world, it's unfortunately stuck with us through the years.

Let's be clear right here at the start: taking up more space than is necessary in any crowded situation is a dick move, and while we're all about dicks here, we're not on board with being a dick. There is no need for any man to be sitting with his legs widely splayed on the train, bus, or airport. These shared public spaces are often cramped and we all have a responsibility to be decent people in them.

But that doesn't mean that men need to sit with their knees pressed together on every bus and subway car. That would be anatomical agony. The simple fact is that men have a penis and testicles between their legs, and these organs are very pressure sensitive — especially the balls. Smashing your thighs together just to free up a few inches on either side of your knees isn't an option.

I suppose we could just reach between our legs and heft our junk up onto a thigh, but considering the internet outrage over manspreading I wouldn't want to imagine the angst that would drive — not to mention the bulging.

So we guys need some space between our thighs when sitting for the dick and balls to comfortably fit. It's as simple as that. But how are you to ensure you're not being unreasonable in the amount of space you take up? It turns out one of the best things you can do is actually to sit with good posture, as the more you slouch the more your legs will need to spread to support your pose. So sit upright, with your butt back in the seat, your feet roughly shoulder width apart, and your knees directly above your feet. This will provide roughly around eight inches of space between your knees, and that triangle of space back to your hips should provide enough space for your genitals to fit.

If that's not enough room, consider standing, moving to a different areas of seating, or if you might need to lose some weight to shrink your thighs. Just because you've got a big dick or balls doesn't mean you have an excuse to not be a courteous human.