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When you're packing a large penis or balls, it can be incredibly difficult to hide a bulge in your pants. There are things you can do to minimize it, but dark fabrics and loose clothes can only do so much, and sometimes you don't even have the option. It's okay to show a bulge and you shouldn't be ashamed of your anatomy.

As a society, we've accepted that large-breasted women are going to show, we don't expect them to strap down their boobs. It's okay for them to show cleavage (when situationally appropriate), and it's accepted that they'll stretch out shirts. It can be very painful for them to compress their breasts to minimize their appearance, and doing so can cause long-term back problems.

The same thought process should apply to men with large flaccid dicks and big balls. It's not something we can control — genetics gifted us this oversized junk, it wasn't our decision. Just like all women have breasts, and men have a penis and testicles, it's just that some of us are much larger. Crushing it out of sight can range from uncomfortable to painful, and can negatively impact testicular function.

That doesn't mean that I'm encouraging you to show off. Some degree of modesty is a smart thing to consider, and the situation you're in is important to factor into your decision. It's one thing to go commando in jeans when hanging out with friends, versus visibly hanging dong in khakis at church (maybe consider some good pouch underwear. But so long as you're taking reasonable steps to balance comfort and discretion, there's nothing wrong with showing some bulge.