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For whatever reason a lot of us sleep with underwear or full pajamas in bed. But… why do that when you could do it without anything on? Here are four reasons why it's better to sleep with nothing on.

1. Improved ventilation and temperature management

Removing the layer of fabric snuggly against your body also removes a barrier to ventilation. Taking that away will help you to better manage your body temperature for ideal sleeping conditions. Additionally, it helps with moisture management, helping keep your intimate and sweaty areas dryer and thus less smelly.

Science has shown that cooler temperatures than the typical room temperature are best for falling asleep and for quality sleep. Better quality sleep means you'll be better physically and mentally prepared for the day ahead.

2. Less laundry

This should go without saying, but the less clothing you wear, the less clothing you have to wash. Going without dedicated pajamas reduces how much clothing you're dirtying and thus have to launder. Less clothing to launder means you'll use less electricity, water, and detergent to wash and dry your clothes.

Sleep naked because it's better for the planet.

3. Let your boners be free!

Any guy that's worn underwear or pajamas to bed has experienced waking up with an erection painfully restrained by his clothing. These nighttime erections are a regular feature for sleeping men and are believed to be part of the body's regular maintenance process.

While you're not actually hurting yourself or your erections by wearing clothes in bed, you may be hurting your sleep quality when those erections strike and wake you up. The thing with sleeping erections is that they're not triggered by sexual stimulation, so there's no arousing influence to get rid of in order to make the boner go away. They often last 30 minutes or more. Without clothing, there's nothing to restrain the midnight boner and thus no straining against fabric to wake you up.

4. More fun with your partner

So, this isn't exactly about sleeping so much as it is about sleeping, if you catch my drift. You're already naked, and it's only another step to pleasure time. Skin-on-skin contact is a huge thing for intimacy, and studies have shown that it can stimulate the release of hormones like oxytocin that are great for stress reduction and pleasurable sensations.

And if you decide to take it another step further and engage in some foreplay or go all-in with sex, well, you're already naked!