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Boys, it's time to loosen up. In general, and when you beat your meat. Masturbation doesn't have to be a race to the finish or a brutalizing of your dick. Being too aggressive can desensitize the nerve endings in your penis that make jacking off feel good, and can hurt your enjoyment of sex as well.

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What is "death grip"?

Death grip is the condition of having masturbated too aggressively for too long and ending up with a reduced stimulus sensitivity in your penis. This leads to even more aggressive masturbation in order to reach orgasm, and further desensitization. It's a vicious cycle that leads to you gripping your penis way too hard and masturbating too aggressively in order to get any pleasure out of it.

The desensitization process behind death grip is the same that is at work when somebody becomes accustomed to any new condition, be it spicy food or lower temperatures. After a while, you just get used to it, so it takes more (spice, cold, grip) to make a difference.

This isn't so much an issue with spicy food or cold tolerance. It's a real problem when it comes to your penis. Men suffering from death grip often find themselves having to grip harder and rapidly move their hand in order to climax. It's particularly concerning for sex, as you can't just make a vagina grip tighter and rapid thrusting can be very uncomfortable for some women. It's even more of an issue for well-endowed men, as aggressive sex can be downright painful for the woman and rapid thrusting makes it harder to control depth of penetration in all but specific sex positions that work best for larger penises (and even those can suck when you go hog wild).

Many men that are afflicted with death grip struggle to climax at all from intercourse, as their abuse of their penis has left them unable to orgasm from anything but their own hand.

How to cure death grip

The frustrating part of death grip is that it's self-inflicted. The upside is that it can be easily solved by simply taking a break and then taking it easy.

The human body has a short memory when it comes to being accustomed to certain conditions. You may have experienced this yourself with seasonal weather changes — at first the early cold of winter seems brutal and frigid, but a few months later when the weather has warmed back up to that same temperature it feels rather warm in comparison.

Curing death grip is simple:

  1. Take a break from masturbation, sex, and other deliberate penile stimulus for at least two weeks. This will give your nerves time to heal and your brain time to reset. If you're having difficulty controlling the urge to bust out a one, find something to keep your hand and/or mind occupied.
  2. Slowly ease back into masturbation. Take it easy, both by deliberately using a lighter grip and by taking a day or two between sessions for the first week or two after resuming.
  3. Fight the feeling that you need to masturbate quickly or vigorously. If you don't have time, then do it later.
  4. Relax! Masturbating is supposed to be fun! Take your time and try to enjoy the process.

If you're still having difficulty achieving orgasm without aggressive stimulation, you may want to consider trying another break, but for three or four weeks instead.