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Men, it's time to step up and take responsibility here: we should be the ones providing condoms for our sexual escapades. That many women feel that it's fallen on them to be the ones to provide protection is simply unacceptable and an abdication of our duties as men. We should demand better from ourselves.

It's understandable how it fell onto women to be the ones to provide condomes when it comes to unplanned intercourse. They tend to carry purses or other sorts of bags that allow them more space to store items like condoms (the travesty that is womens pants pockets is for another time), more frequently women invite the man back to their home versus the other option (so they're someplace they feel comfortable and safe), and women bear all of the burden of pregnancy if a condom is not used. Having condoms in her purse or nightstand means that the guy has no excuse not to use one.

But here's the thing… we men should be taking responsibility for that. It's the right thing to do — and the safe thing to do.

For one, there's the risk that comes with using an unfamiliar condom. You don't know how long it's sitting around, you don't know what it's bumped into in her purse, you don't know if it's been broken or abused or if it's safe to use. Even a slightly damaged condom can be critically compromised, allowing semen to pass out and risking pregnancy, or allowing sexually transmitted diseases in. It's not worth the risk.

Men that need uncommong condom sizes, be it large or small also stand to benefit from providing their own condoms that fit properly. A well-fitted condom will feel great for both parties, and provide superior protection to one that is too large or too small. Additionally, if you have a preferred condom brand for feel or sensitivity, you can be sure that you have that one handy.

It's simply unreasonable to expect a woman to provide exactly what you need. You know your penis better than her, so get what you need and have it on standby.

There is one hitch to get over: where are you supposed to keep your condoms? The trade off of men having pants with functional pockets means that we don't always carry bags with discreet space for condom storage. And storing condoms in your wallet is a bad idea — the heat and friction from that can quickly damage a condom. A small container like a glasses case or emptied and cleaned breath mint container can provide a discreet place to stash a few condoms and even a sachet of lube for when the time comes.