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WildmanT's Big Boy pouch is one of the top underwear brands for men with large dicks and large balls and are one of my personal favorites. It's one of the biggest pouches on the market, with plenty of room for my oversized junk to exist without getting crushed, but still providing sufficient support and control to be comfortable through the day. At least, it used to be one of the biggest pouches. Now… WildmanT makes a "Monster" pouch and it's actually too big for even me and my especially large junk.

I mean, just look at this:

And if you're thinking "well that's not especially ridiculous", it's worth noting that's the pouch unstretched. Wildmant's mesh fabric is highly elastic, which was great for the Big Boy pouch but makes the Monster pouch downright hilarious. Behold:

I have a 6" soft dick and hanging balls that are larger than duck eggs, and at my most relaxed my junk was just sitting at the bottom of this Monster pouch, exerting no stretch on the fabric. I was basically just hanging in a bag. There was no support and no control — applying some stretch to the fabric is important to the control aspect, as the elastic's desire to spring back is what helps minimize the floppage.

It's worth noting that in addition to the exceptionally well-endowed like myself, WildmanT is also a favorite brand of a particularly niche customer: men that vacuum pump and inject with saline or silicone their genitals to truly preposterous sizes. That's the customer WildmanT is going after with the Monster pouch, not naturally large men like myself.

(Disclaimer: I do not and cannot condone or encourage pumping or injections. Pumping yeilds only temporary and soft results, and can cause permanent damage. Injections, while longer-lasting, are even more damaging and can lead to permanent penile and testicular dysfunction. Don't do it.)

For the visual learners, here's WildmanT's already-huge Big Boy pouch (black outline) overlaid on the Monster Pouch:

As WildmanT puts it themselves:

If you pump your cock or balls to a size that won't fit in anything, this pouch is for you! Monster Cock! You are welcome! No more smashing or pinching your precious jewels.

There's one other potential customer for this: very hung men that want the separation between junk and thighs that pouch underwear provides, but otherwise want to hang absolutely unencumbered in their pants. This could be the underwear such men have been longing for. Though it will look fairly silly if you don't have the pumped-up junk to fill it.

No man will have physically healthy and unmodified genitals that are large enough to make this pouch worth wearing. There are men with larger nuts and flaccid dicks than mine, yes, but this pouch is so much larger that naturally-occurring genitals do not exist that will fill it.

WildmanT put it right there in their marketing text: this is for men that deliberately swell up their junk to unhealthy sizes because that's the fetish that gets them off.