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MyOne condoms were a godsend for many men. In addition to offering the wider widths that many men with larger dicks need, they also offered smaller widths and a range of lengths so that every man could get exactly the condom he needs — no more, no less.

There was just one problem: the size codes didn't really make much sense. A condom made for an average penis would be an M99, but if you needed one that was slightly longer and wider it would be an O11. One a bit shorter and slimmer was coded as S88. Needless to say, that's confusing.

Thankfully, MyOne finally saw the light and revised their condom sizing codes system. The new size codes lead with the condom's nominal width, followed by a letter that denotes the length — and the letters are sequential from shortest (C) to longest (M). That average-sized M99 is now a 53F, while a bit longer and wider is a 55G and shorter and slimmer is 51E. It makes so much more sense.

That’s much better.

These new size codes line up with the sizing used by the rest of the industry and will make shopping and comparing condoms much easier.

Here's how penis measurements and MyOne's old and new size codes shake out:


Girth Nominal Width Old Code New Code
3.9" 10.0cm 45mm 55 45
4.1" 10.4cm 47mm 66 47
4.2" 10.9cm 49mm 77 49
4.4" 11.3cm 51mm 88 51
4.6" 11.8cm 53mm 99 53
4.8" 12.2cm 55mm 11 55
5.0" 12.6cm 57mm 17 57
5.2" 13.3cm 60mm 21 60
5.5" 14.2cm 64mm 22 64
6.0" 15.3cm 69mm 31 69

* Note: MyOne 69-width condoms are only available in Europe due to US FDA regulations


Length Old Code New Code
4.7" 11cm E C
5.2" 12cm B D
5.6" 13cm S E
6.0" 14cm M F
6.5" 16cm O G
7.0" 17cm N H
7.5" 19cm D J
8.0" 20cm Z K
8.5" 22cm U L
9.3" 24cm G M

It should be noted that the revised condom size codes appear to come with a minor reduction in the number of sizes offered. While MyOne didn't state any reason for the trimmed selection, it was almost certainly to reflect that some sizes simply weren't selling in large enough numbers to justify continued production. In particular, certain exceedingly rare combinations of length and girth were dropped — very long but thin or short but very thick. The reduced availability shouldn't affect many.

MyOne is also finally offering larger packages of condoms. In addition to the "Fit Kit" that will send you a set of condoms around your selected size to try out, once you know your size you can purchase more in packs of 12 and 36.

MyOne says the new size codes will be rolling out over the next few months as current stocks are replaced, so don't be surprised if you order a 60J and end up with a D21 — it's the same condom, just with an old label on it.

Not sure which MyOne condom you should get? Plug your numbers into the calculator below for a recommendation!

MyOne Perfect Fit condoms

No matter if you're short or long, slim or thick, no matter the size of your dick MyOne offers a condom that will fit you just right. Available in 60 sizes, from 45mm to 64mm nominal width and 4.7 inches to 9.5 inches length.