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Loose boxers are one of the most popular styles of undergarments for men, but if you've got a big soft dick or low-hanging nuts then they're one of the worst options for comfort, discretion, and even your health.

Boxers should be more comfortable for big guys because they're more roomy, right?

Wrong. When you've got junk that hangs low, boxers allow for you to flop about, twist around, get squeezed, and more. You inevitably end up hanging down a pant leg or stuck between your thighs. You honestly might as well just go commando, since boxers do next-to-nothing to control the movement of a big floppy dick or swinging nuts.

If you hang particularly low and your boxers are not that long, then you're inevitably going to end up hanging out of a leg, so why bother?

Boxers also do very little for bulge control. They don't do much at all to keep your goods contained or constrained, and the very thin fabric of most boxers will only have a minimal impact on limiting the transference of your dick print to the outer layer of your pants. And, again, because you're hanging freely then not only is your bulge going to be at full size, it's going to move freely and more readily draw attention to itself.

It might surprise you, but there's a negative health aspect to boxers as well, and it's particularly pronounced for low hangers: testicular torsion. The more your sack is allowed to hang and swing and twist freely the greater the risk that a testicle may execute a twist inside your scrotum and settle into a reversed position in which it's vital blood flow is cut off. It is very quickly an extremely painful situation and can in a short time lead to permanent testicular damage.

Testicular torsion can sometimes be reverse by hand, but often requires surgery to undo the twist, evaluate the testicle for viability, and make sure it's permanently secured in place in case it decides to take another spin. Worst case scenario you permanently lose the ball, which can be a devastating blow to a man's perception of his own masculinity (though you can get on just fine with sperm and testosterone production with just one).

Not just that, but for many guys the complete lack of scrotal support provided by boxers can mean that hanging all day leads to ballsack ache. Gravity is a cruel mistress and with time will always win, so testicles that are allowed to just hang for hours on end can end up stretching on the scrotal skin and muscles, and lead to moderate discomfort. Speaking from personal experience, it's not the worst pain but it can be very distracting to have such aches emanating from your groin. Providing adequate support for the boys can stop that pain from ever happening.

So what's a guy with big low-hanging junk to do when boxers seemed like the only option with enough room? Pouch underwear is the answer you're looking for. These briefs and boxer briefs offer more room up front for your junk to fit along with some hang, so you're neither bunched up like you would be in tighty whities nor are you putting yourself fully on display. Pouch underwear provides space and support, and while it won't fully eliminate your bulge (and in some instances may actually make it bigger), it also serves to contain and corral your dangly bits so you're neither flopping nor obviously printing your endowment in detail for all to see.

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy brief

Underwear for guys that are hung — the Trophy Boy pouch is among the largest on the market and provides the room that men with huge dicks and big nuts need to be comfortable and supported.

Obviously PrimeMan 9-inch boxer briefs

With a long and stretchy pouch made from a MicroModal/Lycra blend, Obviously's long-leg boxer briefs provide the room a well-endowed man needs in a subdued style.

WildmanT Big Boy Mesh Stripe brief

The biggest pouches around are found in WildmanT's Big Boy line. Room to breath and hang, but not flop about with wild abandon, is the name of the game.